8 Tasty Cafes To Try In Newcastle Under Lyme

Popping out on your lunch break and treating yourself to a tasty snack is honestly next level behaviour. Mmmm, even thinking about the delicious aroma of freshly baked goods is getting our taste buds tingling!!

When you’re working in Newcastle Under Lyme, why not swap out the dreary packed lunches for good quality food and coffee in one of their independent cafes? It’s an un-regrettable decision you need to make for you, and you only.

On the hunt for the best cafes in Newcastle Under Lyme to visit? Don’t fret, we have the top selection picked out JUST for you.

Enjoy, relax, grab a cuppa and get planning your next trip now!

1. No21 Coffee and Sandwich Bar

coffee cups served in a cafe in newcastle under lyme

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, No21 Coffee and Sandwich Bar is a brilliant café to have a bite to eat and drink.

From sandwiches freshly packed full of goodness, to juicy jam and butter scones, there’s a great range to choose from here and you can guarantee a dreamy lunch.

With a cosy and welcoming feel, you’ll never leave without feeling appreciated and warm in side.

2. Bygones Tearoom


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For a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of office life, take a well-deserved trip to Bygones Tearoom. Nestled on the High Street, this popular eatery is right down the road from our brilliant accommodation in Newcastle under Lyme.

For a wide selection of food, including freshly baked cakes, nice coffee, English breakfasts and sandwiches, you’re seriously spoilt for choice whilst visiting here.

What makes it even more special is its interior. Decorated with a 1950’s style and littered with classic memorabilia, prepare to fall in love with this café from the moment you move in.

3. Capello Lounge


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Now the Capello Lounge is a must-visit if you’re looking for a relaxing ambience, attentive staff and award-worthy food.

They have a menu suited for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. There’s a whole heap of sides and a drinks menu to delight everyone who attends.

What we love so much about this cafe in newcastle under lyme is the variety in offering for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free. This makes it suitable for all you colleagues, so get down here now!

4. Eggettes Kitchen

For bubble tea and waffles unlike any other, make sure to get yourself to Eggettes Kitchen!

They offer a superb range of drinks to choose from, such as the Dirty Oreo Milk Tea, Passionfruit Fruit Tea and even a Lychee Smash.

After some food to fill your stomach? You have to try the Hong Kong Style street waffles! Packed with peanut butter, you’re in for a right treat!

5. Baileys Vintage Tearoom

A firm favourite of all the locals and tourists who visit this stoke on trent town, Baileys Vintage Tea Room is a wonderful venue and the perfect place if you’re after some afternoon tea.

Whether you’re celebrating a colleagues birthday or just fancy popping in for some good coffee, you’re guaranteed an experience unlike any other whilst visiting here.

Food is served on decorated china plates and the quaint interior will make you feel all fuzzy inside. Seriously, get this one on your bucket list!

6. Cafe Michelangelo

cafes in newcastle under lyme to visit on your day off

One of the best coffee shops in Newcastle Under Lyme, Cafe Michelangelo is an ideal venue for a much needed caffeine fix.

Open Monday through till Saturday, you can enjoy a selection of well-brewed Coffee, Teas, Snacks, and even a range of Wines, Beers, Gins & Rum.

Exuding a homely feel, spend some time here if you’re looking to relax and unwind away from the office.

7. TJ’s Cosy Cafe

delicious sandwich with sauce from newcastle under lyme cafe

For great food on a budget, make sure to get yourself down to TJ’s Cosy Cafe.

Hidden amongst the big high street brands, this popular eatery can be found on Hassel Street and has a set of outdoor seating, perfect in the summer months!

Known for its delectable cooked breakfast, you might want to think about heading here before the working day to fuel you for what’s to come!

8. Windmill Cafe

cakes and sweet treats for colleagues to eat

Last. but certainly not least, Windmill Cafe is Newcastle Under Lyme’s cosy cafe, decked out with wooden features.

Offering a satisfying menu with mouth-watering options, you might just find yourself popping in here every single month.

There we have it! A range of cafes in Newcastle under lyme to visit on your lunch break. We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for your next trip and ditch the fast food apps. Looking for more things to do in this brilliant town? We have a whole guide right here – check it out now!


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