What To Wear For A Summer Job Interview

Are you struggling with what to wear for an interview during the hot weather? It can be difficult to determine what’s professional yet weather appropriate, so we don’t blame you!  

There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted and feeling uncomfortable when its warm is there?! And with the current heatwave in the UK, its sweat central. We certainly aren’t a fan of this (get it, fan). 

Here’s our guide to clothing pieces you can wear this summer to keep you feeling and looking cool for your next interview. As well as tips on how to make you feel less stuffy prior to the big day.  

You can thank us later!  

Interview attire

  1. Tops

When choosing interview attire no matter if its business casual or smart casual (check the dress code prior) make sure to wear a top, you’re going to be comfortable in and is light and airy, but also looks professional.  

A cotton shirt or blouse is a good idea due to the fabric being breathable, you can opt for a short sleeve top too to keep yourself cool.  

Its best to try and look for options that won’t show sweat patches, so try to avoid bright and pastel-coloured tops.  

Black is another colour to avoid as it tends to absorb heat rather than reflect it like white coloured clothing.  


  1. Bottoms

If you’re a female, you’re probably going to wear a dress or skirt to an interview during the warm weather, which is fine!

Just make sure that your style choice is professional, ensuring that the pieces are not too short or tight.  

Skirts should come to just above the knee or longer, midi skirts are the perfect choice we reckon!

If you don’t want to wear a skirt or a dress, then wide leg trousers are a great option.  

For the males, it can be tempting to want to wear shorts but unfortunately this will look too casual for most interviews. 

Lightweight pants are a good option to wear for an interview when it’s scorching outside as they will likely allow for better airflow.

Try to avoid skinny fit or tight pants so you’re not too restricted.  

Summer skirt

  1. Jacket

Jackets pull an outfit together, however, it can be tempting to not wear one at all when the weathers too hot.

Although, you should try to wear one of some sort when you arrive and if you get too hot you can take it off.  

We’re not saying you must wear a puffer coat or a long trench coat, we just mean a light yet stylish kind jacket.

We think blazers are a great option for both males and females looking for professional jackets to layer an outfit.  


  1. Shoes

It may be tempting to wear sandals or slip-on shoes during the hot weather, but an interview is still a formal process after all.

So, try and wear shoes that look professional even if you think you’ll have sweaty feet (we know, it’s not ideal).

You do need to give the interviewer a good impression regardless, so wear toe-closed shoes.  

Loafers and pumps are good options to keep you cool and looking smart.

We suggest wearing them in before your interview to get used to them, as feet tend to swell in hot weather, and you want to avoid blisters too!  


Tips For Keeping Cool On The Day:

If you have a job interview during these warm summer months, then you may want to follow our tips and tricks to help you out.  

  • Tie your hair up – Having long hair in summer can be a struggle your hair can end up getting sweaty and sticking to your face (it’s not a vibe is it). Style your hair in a tied-up hairstyle whether it’s in a ponytail, a bun or a braid. There’s tons of elegant up-dos which will keep you looking good despite feeling like an oven. Bring a brush with you in your bag too just in case! 

Hair up

  • Plan Your Transport – There’s nothing quite like rushing around when the weather is scorching, you end up looking fresh out of the gym. Prior to your interview, make sure you’ve planned how to get there and how long it’s going to take you. If you’re travelling by car, ensure the air conditioning is on. If you’re planning on taking public transport, try to get a taxi or uber rather than the train or bus, chances are they’ll be more compact and warmer.  

Air conditioning

  • Early Morning Interview – If you’re able to choose what time you have your job interview then try and schedule it within the morning as it tends to be the hottest in the afternoon and especially between 3 pm and 4:30 pm. Being out and about during peak weather hours is not it, especially when you may already be feeling the nerves!  


  • Bring A Backup Shirt – You may not need it but it’s always good to bring along a spare clean and dry top in your bag with, you may end up covered in sweat patches! Being prepared means that if weather related damage occurs, you won’t be too stressed out and can easily change before your interview.  

Sweat marks

  • Get A Handheld Fan – A handheld fan is a conveniently sized so you can take it with you en-route to your interview to provide you with plenty of cold air. Trust us, this will be a blessing on the day if the sun is cracking the flags and its super humid.  

Handheld fan

  • Weatherproof Make Up – During these hot months our makeup ends up melting off our faces making it difficult for us to look good whilst wearing it. However, you may want to wear it to feel more confident or ‘put together’ for your interview which is fine! We suggest using a primer to base your skin and keep it in place all day, you can get primers with SPF too which is great for protecting your skin.  

Setting spray

That’s it everyone, we wish you all the best if you have a job interview coming up this summer – you’ll smash it no doubt! We hope you’ve got your interview attire sorted to make you feel confident and cool no matter how hot it is outside. 

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