Why Living In The City Is MUCH Better Than The Countryside

We’re here to settle the debate and tell you the reasons why we think living in a city is much better than the countryside. The environment that you are in has a massive impact on how you will grow as a person and ultimately sets the vibe around you.  

You might be a countryside person at heart, or maybe you just don’t know if you can see yourself settling down in a city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move to the big city for a short period of your life. Come on, if you’re hesitant on whether moving to a city is for you, just do it! 

Here’s the top 10 reasons why living in the best is the absolute best thing you can do… 

City living


When you live in a new city, you won’t just gain professional experience but personal life experience too. You’ll learn things about yourself you didn’t know before and experience things you’ve never done before.  

Living away from your home means you’ll gain more independence and be more adaptable, and if you can live in a city, you can pretty much live anywhere as its not without its challenges.  

A study by Oxford University even found that city living makes you healthier and happier. 

Moving out

More job opportunities –  

There is a better job market in cities than in small towns or rural areas due to their being more businesses and companies who are based in a bustling city due to convenience. There is also a wider choice for jobs that are better paid in a variety of industries as most people tend to work in cities. 

 If you’re a university graduate or young professional, living in a city gives you access to more internship and career opportunities. Whereas within the countryside, there is much less opportunity for jobs and the job market is mostly targeted to local people.  

Job opportunity

There’s so much to do and see 

Cities are packed with things to do so you’ll never be bored or run out of things to do with great entertainment facilities, endless choices of restaurants, shopping spots, and a banging nightlife right on your doorstep.  

You’ll be close to cultural hotspots such as museums, galleries, national parks and historic sites if you want to learn more about history or the arts.  

This means you’ll have far more options for those fun days or nights out with family and friends from going to cinemas, bars, or theatres, living in a city means they really do have it all. 

Cities are also prime locations for festivals and events so you can keep your schedule packed with exciting things to do. Whether its attending sporting events, music festivals or gaming events – the events programme is endless when you live in a city!  



Cities have better options for transport that are easily accessible. You don’t have to have a car to get around when living in a city as there is great public transport links such as trains, trams, taxis or busses, making that commute to work so much easier with less traffic!  

Transport links are also more frequent than in rural areas as there’s more demand for their services, so, you won’t have to determine which hourly bus to get to your friend’s house who lives in the opposite part of the city.  

Most cities also tend to have airports so you can easily get on a flight abroad for the important city breaks abroad or even fly to another part of the country.  


More social opportunities 

Living in the city means your social life will be busy, busy, busy! 

There are tons of opportunities to meet people due to the thousands if not millions of people that live in urban cities, whether it’s a capital city or a smaller city, there’s always going to be large amounts of people so you can build up your network. 

Due to there being so much to do, there’s always opportunity to make plans. Imagine this, you’re on your way home from the office and you stumble across a new exciting bar that’s opened in the city centre. It’s close to the tram stop back to your flat and you don’t have to faff around to get home, get that message in the group chat and organise a meet up!  

You can also make moving to a new city a fresh start. If you want to leave your old self behind and reinvent yourself, then moving to a city with a large amount of people you’ve never met, is the perfect option! 

Coffee date

Better education opportunities 

Perhaps you’re thinking about studying for a masters or fancy a new career route? Well, living in a city is the best option for if you want to learn new things with a wide choice of universities and colleges to choose from with modern facilities.  

Many studies have found that urban students typically receive a higher quality education and outperform those that live in rural areas. 

Education opportunities


Cities attract people from all walks of life with people coming from all over the country or from different countries to a specific city. This means city living is super diverse, so you’ll never be shy of chances to learn about different cultures.  

Whenever you visit a city there’s so much going on or and so many vibrant people to come across, which is not as widely available for you in a small town. Walking city

There we have it. Debate = settled. Living in a city is clearly so much better than living in the countryside – right?  

After all there is so much to offer and so much to explore in a city, so if you get the chance or if you already live in a city, make the most of your time there! 

If you’re thinking about moving to a big city like Reading, we have fabulous modern accommodation, check out New Century Place here. 

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