Top 5 Most In-demand Freelance Jobs for 2023

As more and more people turn to freelancing as a career option in the UK, there is a higher demand than ever before for certain industries and job roles.  

If you are recently graduated or looking at options to change your career path with either part-time or full-time freelance work, our guide to the freelance jobs in demand today will help you figure out the right choice for you.  

By understanding which areas are looking for freelancers and the skills that are required for those sectors and job roles, you can begin to think about your own career options. Are there certain in-demand freelance jobs that you already have the skills for?  

Alternatively, are there jobs that you are attracted to and feel you could learn the necessary skills either by being trained on the job or taking a course in preparation for taking on the role? 

freelance jobs in demand

The freelance landscape in the UK

 The data available on freelancers from 2021 showed that there were over 2 million freelancers working in the UK, across a whole host of different industries and sectors. 42% of those freelancers were women.  

Freelancing is so diverse and with the attractive proposition of flexible hours and remote working, it is thought that the number of people going into a freelance lifestyle will increase in the coming years.  

Freelance landscape

The top 5 in-demand freelance skills in 2022

Let’s take a look at the most in-demand skills right now for freelancers.

It will certainly provide you with some interesting options for a career as a freelancer if you are considering taking this road as a graduate.  

1. Social-media Management  

Every business has a social media presence these days.  

 With different platforms opening up there is always scope for new ideas and innovation, whether a platform is used creatively to market a product, service, or business, or if the platform is used as a point of contact for customer service.  

You can see how TikTok has exploded in the last few years and changed the landscape yet again, that there is the demand for social media managers who understand the latest trends and how to act next to draw in users.  

Being comfortable on different social media platforms and diligent to research and understand key markets will make you an attractive freelance hire for many businesses.  

Social media management

2. Web App Development  

There is no sign that the popularity of apps is going to slow down in the coming years.  

Whereas in the past it was key to have a great website that looked great and was easy to navigate, web apps are what we all access these days via our smartphones and tablets. 

Learning how to develop apps for businesses that are used on iOS and Android, alongside being accessed through a range of web browsers, will help you to position yourself as indispensable to digital marketing agencies and web design companies that need to provide a web app version of the sites they are building.  

Web app development

3. Translating  

If you have recently graduated from university with a language degree, or you already speak more than one language, you might find that freelancing as a translator can be a lucrative career option.  

There are a few different avenues you can go down with this skill. For some business that are looking to branch out and conduct business abroad there is a need to speak directly in the language of the new marketplace, including dialects and localisation processes. 

Translation services can also be used within film and TV production for subtitle creation, within the health sector, education, and other areas where personal translators are required to assist with certain processes.  

Translators help to welcome foreign employees into businesses, or to understand business models and values in different locations.  


4. Photography & Videography  

Some creative industries are always in demand.

If you have that creative outlet and love photography and videography it is something that you can genuinely turn into a freelance career.

Or better yet, if you studied photography or film at university, why not put your passion and skillset into practice?  

High-quality images and videos are always required for websites, banners, social media posts and other marketing features for digital marketing companies and businesses.  

Wedding planners, sporting institutions, music venues and artists, local government organisations, charities, and so many more industries and businesses are always on the lookout for photographers and videographers.  

The better your quality, the better your chances of being retained by a company or being referred to new clients after a job well done. 


5. Admin Tasks  

This isn’t something that might immediately seem that appealing or something that is in demand, but you would be surprised how many administrative roles there are available for freelancers across myriad industries and sectors.  

Becoming a virtual PA or company administrator puts you at the heart of the day-to-day planning and long-term organisation of a business.  

The little tasks, the schedules, organising meetings, looking after supply chains, and much more, are all required roles and tasks within every business.  

They are also the tasks that most businessowners either don’t have the time or don’t want to perform. This is where you can make a good career as a freelance administrator. 

Admin tasks

The Next Steps

It is important to understand that any choice you make for your career will take hard work and dedication.  

Becoming a freelancer is tough, and though you have the perks of a flexible work routine and being your own boss, that does mean you’ll do your own tax and be in control of finding new clients and new work to pay the bills.  

It’s not for everyone, but as you can see here, there are quite a few in-demand freelance jobs out there for you to explore.  

We understand how difficult it is to make that choice to live in the city as a young professional or a recent graduate. Our idea is to make things as simple and enjoyable as possible for you.  

We hope that this guide to the freelance jobs in demand the most in the UK right now, has given you some food for thought if you are considering freelancing for a living when you move to the city into one of our modern, luxury apartments for young professionals. 

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