Top 10 Podcasts To Listen To On A Long Journey!

Are you off on a cheeky staycation this year and wanting something to listen to? Fear not! We’ve compiled the top 10 podcasts for you.

There’s nothing worse than a long journey that feels like it’s absolutely dragging, which is why podcasts are a dream!

Just stick your headphones in, look out the window, and get lost in some great content, because we’ve found the best.

Whether you’re into true crime or comedy podcasts, we’ve found the top 10 to keep you busy on your journey.

1. Sincerely, X

Are you into mystery and all things controversial? Then keep reading!

Sincerely, X has made our top 10 podcasts purely because it’s super addictive, and very interesting too.

Some ideas and stories can be shared around the world, but others can be a little too risky and controversial.

That’s where Sincerely, X takes centre stage, with some super edgy and engaging topics to keep you interested on a long journey.

The anonymous TED talks include speakers like a doctor who believed they killed a patient and a woman in a violent marriage.

Reviews of the podcast praise the intimacy and sincerity of story-telling, and how it gets listeners to talk about ‘taboo’ topics.

You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts here.

2. Wine & Crime

Who’d have thought wine and crime combined would be a fabulous mix?

For all the true crime fans out there, Wine & Crime has some seriously entertaining topics, with a comedic element.

We know what you’re thinking…how can true crime be funny? The three hosts Kenyon, Amanda, and Lucy make it funny!

These three childhood friends chug wine, chat true crime and really delve into specific cases from certain topics.

The podcasts can last for around an hour and a half, which means you can squeeze in at least a couple during your long journey!

Wine & Crime makes our top 10 purely for its range, hilarious hosts, and variety of topics.

Even if you’re not a big fan of true crime, you’ll really enjoy this podcast, we’d deffo recommend it.

From chicken nugget crimes to poison crimes, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy.

Check them out on Spotify here!

3. To Live And Die In L.A

Another one of our top 10 podcasts is To Live And Die In L.A, another awesome true crime pick!

The investigative true-crime podcast is hosted by American journalist Neil Strauss, and follows the disappearance of aspiring actress Adea Shabani.

She was last seen alive in 2018 leaving her apartment with her boyfriend Chris Spotz, but what really happened to her?

As the story unfolds in real-time, you find out more and more about the mysterious case, as Strauss works with a private investigator.

This podcast is bound to keep you hooked on your long journey, with 12 episodes lasting over an hour.

Listen on Spotify here.

4. Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

If you haven’t heard of Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, we’d highly recommend you listen to his podcast!

Bagging 4th place for our top 10 podcasts, Jonathan and experts in their respective fields get curious about anything and everything.

From topics like trans rights, local politics, gender inclusivity, and ignoring the haters, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained.

5. Fearne Cotton Happy Place Podcast

Now on its ninth series with over 40 million downloads, listen to Fearne Cotton chat about life, love & happiness.

It’s all about unlocking inner happiness and finding peace to boost your wellbeing and give you a positive mindset.

The series involves Fearne chatting to individuals that have either made a change in their own lives or want to help people look at life differently.

Each podcast lasts around an hour, and really reminds you of the importance of being chill and finding your zen.

Check it out on Spotify here.

6. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Are you into a bit of footy? Perhaps you’ve always fancied yourself as a professional footballer?

Then this podcast is perfect for you, with Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce, and Chris Stark bringing you a guide on how to be one.

Episodes include insights into everything from inside the dressing rooms, transfers, and footballer confessions!

The podcast length ranges from 15 minutes to 45, but the content will definitely keep you entertained during your long journey.

Listen to the podcast here!

7. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation

Everyone loves Oprah, right? In this podcast, listen to Oprah’s personal selection of interviews with best-selling authors to wellness experts.

The podcast is generally supposed to lighten you up and guide you through life’s big questions to become your best self.

They last around 40 minutes, which gives you the perfect opportunity to listen to a few on your journey!

8.  Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

If you’re into showbiz and celeb vibes, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend is hilarious, and deffo makes our top 10 podcasts!

The whole idea behind the podcast is for Conan to make a lasting friendship with his celebrity guests.

For 25 years Conan has been behind the Late Night desk and never really made any proper friends.

So this podcast allows him to chat with his guests and create a bond that he may have not been able to before!

There’s about 96 episodes which is definitely enough to keep you busy, all with a cool range of celebrities.

Listen to Conan chat to the likes of Dave Grohl and Bryan Cranston and get ready to have a giggle on your long journey.

9. Up And Vanished

Calling all true crime fans! Here’s another absolute corker you need to check out.

The investigative documentary-style podcast is hosted by Payne Lindsey and investigates missing persons’ cold cases.

Available to listen to on Spotify, season 1 investigates the disappearance of Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead.

With exclusive interviews from the friends and family involved in each case, each season gives plenty of detail and raw emotion.

Although Up And Vanished isn’t particularly uplifting like some of the top 10 podcasts on our list, it’s definitely compelling.

10. Office Ladies

Are you a fan of the US Office? Come on, who isn’t!

This podcast includes a breakdown of each episode with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories that you’ll only get from these two.

It premiered in 2019 on Earwolf and has weekly updates and a massive fan following – it’s truly fab.

And there you have it! Our top 10 podcasts to listen to on a long journey, these ones are bound to keep you busy on your long journey. You don’t ever have to worry about being bored anymore with this handy little list, so whether you’re driving and playing them out loud, or a passenger with some headphones – get listening.

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