The Wellbeing Hub: 6 Ways To Prevent Computer Eye Strain At Work

In this digital age, we do literally everything using a computer. Throughout businesses, it’s rare nowadays that anyone ever puts a pen to paper. 

As humans, we’ve come to the realisation that it’s too time consuming and by using computer software, it’s given us the ability to speed up that process to improve turnaround time.

Saying that, staring at a computer all day can have a massive effect on your eyes.

To be honest, forget just your computer, you’re more than likely going to be staring at a screen all day through your digital devices…imagine how damaged they must feel!

It’s something that isn’t really talked about but can have a huge effect if not properly taken care of.

For our wellbeing hub blog today, we wanted to explore 6 ways to prevent computer eye strain at work. Make sure to check them out below!

Purchase Appropriate Glasses

glasses on desk for computer eye strain

First and foremost, you need to buy yourself appropriate eyewear!

Glasses come in a variety of different strengths, depending on how healthy your eyes are. 

By booking an eye exam at your local opticians, you could find out exactly what you need to suit your eyes and identify any vision problems. 

As we’re focusing on computer eye strain, we suggest getting a pair with blue light filters.

Blue light blocking glasses work because they have specially made lenses which are said to filter out the blue light given off digital screens. It is said to protect your eyes from damage that could be caused by a computer. 

The topic of blue light glasses hasn’t been fully researched yet, so there is no definite proof as to whether they work, but many rave about these products and so do we!

Ps – wearing glasses in 2021 is seen as fashionable, so you’re going to look super cool don’t worry!

Try The 202020 Rule

laptop screen with coffee mug on desk in office

And no, that isn’t just a random bunch of numbers thrown together. It actually is a technique which is renowned to help prevent digital eye strain.

If you find you have extended periods of staring at a screen, begin to think about the 202020 rule.

It is basically where every 20 minutes you stop staring at your screen, for 20 seconds, and focus on something 20 feet away. 

It may sound like a simple process, but sometimes it can be easily forgotten. 

The Healthline found that many doctors use this as a defence, and the frequent breaks from a screen can reduce eye discomfort. 

Adjust The Lighting

lights above desk to stop computer eye strain

Lighting is everything and you need to make sure that, for your vision to stay healthy, the lighting of your screen is adjusted to suit your environment. 

Most offices have harsh lighting, so if possible, use fewer bulbs and overhead fluorescent lights.

For the actual screen, it’s important that the brightness is at the same level as your surroundings. 

Try having windows either side of you, rather than facing you directly or coming from behind. This will be better for your digital eye strain as your eyes won’t be working as hard to adjust.

Proper Posture and Positioning Is Everything

desk chairs in office

It may seem simple but your posture and the positioning of your screen are important for preventing computer vision syndrome (CVS).

As a by-product, another extremely positive benefit that can come from this is that it can reduce your neck and shoulder pain which comes with bad posture.

Below are the tips you need to focus on to achieve this tip:

  • Make sure your desk is at the right height for you. For some, you may even want to get a desk which can be adjusted to standing. 
  • Purchase a desk chair which can be adjusted to fit your body and provide comfort.
  • If you’re typing a lot, make sure to get a keyboard wrist rest to relax your muscles.
  • For the laptop users, buy yourself a stand would be great to keep everything level

Use Eye Drops

glasses which are good for computer eye strain

If you’re suffering with computer eye strain, you’re more than likely going to be feeling itchiness, dryness and irritation. 

By using lubricating eye drops, you can improve these symptoms for the meantime. 

They can be picked up from your local store, or speak to your GP if you feel like you need some prescribed to you.

Get Out And Walk About

walking outside to get fresh air

Using a digital device throughout the day, such as your computer, can give you constant headaches. 

When you’re in the office, getting away from your desk chair is essential for your health. It can reduce tension in your body and refocus your mind away from the computer screen.

Taking regular breaks may not be in your bosses interest, so ensure you sit them down and fully explain what you need to do for your own body.

It’s guaranteed they will understand and be supportive of reducing your digital eye strain!

Overall, we hope that from this blog, you’ve been able to truly understand how important it is to look after your eyes from computer strain! Did you know it can all stem from how you look after yourself at home? If you’re struggling with sleeping, make sure to check out our blog for the best tips to get a good night’s sleep.

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