How To Deal With Annoying Colleagues | Our Top Tips

If you work in an environment where you’re closely surrounded by co-workers, you’ve more than likely had your fair share of annoying colleagues – right?

There’s nothing worse than going about your day-to-day activities and having multiple Karen’s left, right and centre trying to tell you what to do. 

PS we feel sorry for you if you’re called Karen, it must be a difficult job…

To keep the peace and salvage what you have left of job satisfaction, you might need to look at implementing these top tips for dealing with annoying co-workers. Don’t let them win! You know you can get through this tough period, even if it does take a fist fight in the break room…haha, you know we’re only messing!

Keep reading to discover ways to improve your quality of life and deal with those pesky co workers.

1. Breathe

man breathing because he is annoyed

May sound silly but acting on anger will just result in more issues occurring. Be the bigger person and take a step outside to organise your thoughts.

If you react, the situation is more than likely going to get out of hand and at this moment in time, you’re the one in control – let’s keep it like that!

2. Go outside for lunch/breaks

woman eating lunch outside for her mental health

Walking and getting fresh air is one of the best stress relievers for workers, especially if you’re sitting in a stuffy office all day. Make sure to make an effort and get outside when you can and maybe grab some lunch along the way. 

According to an article by Mental Health In The Workplace, ceasing thinking, concentrating and decision making for a short period of time is good for our brain as it reduces decision-fatigue, restores clarity and motivation and improves creativity and productivity.

3. Pop some headphones in 

people working together and wearing headphones to block out the annoying colleague

Annoying co-workers have the ability to grate on you from the moment you step into the room, from the moment you leave. Try to wear headphones to block the noise out! Pop on your fave tunes and focus on your computer screen

Headphones are an office desk essential, whether you’re working in the office or at home. Keep them with you at all times, they will help you through the rough times!

4. Avoid gossip

how to deal with annoying colleagues

We know just how easy it can be to join in on all the office gossip, but karma will worm it’s way back to you and bite you where you really don’t want it! 

While it might be tempting, just don’t do it…there’s a fine line between having fun and being out of order, you heard it here first!

5. Be direct, without coming across as rude

people in a session talking about their issues

A tough one, but when your annoying people are unaware of their behaviour, it becomes a difficult topic to talk about. 

If you feel it’s necessary to approach the situation, take them aside and try to keep it light-hearted. Focus on your words and body language so they don’t have any rhyme or reason to take this further. If you successfully get through to them during this stage, it saves any hassle for the future…so why wouldn’t you try?

6. Speak to management 

speaking to management about an annoying coworker

Human resources (HR) or even just your line manager will be the best people to speak to in this instance. If you believe you’ve tried all the points before in this list and are still not getting anywhere, this is the way to go.

Speaking to someone higher up should always be confidential, so don’t worry about your obnoxious co-worker finding out!

Ask to organise a 30 minute meeting to go through it with you and see if you can come up with any conclusions. 

7. Mediation

mediation session to help the working environment

Mediation is a brilliant way to talk it out with an annoying colleague, and will help you deal with the situation alongside someone from management. It’ll help mend relationships where there is a disagreement, and be able to understand the other sides point of view.

Like we mentioned before, we don’t fully know if the annoying co-worker understands what they’re like at work. They may be completely oblivious and willing to make the changes necessary for a better working life. 

It’s fair to have a mediator from HR or from within your team to keep the peace and conjure up a solution. 

8. Work from home if you’re really struggling

girl working hard

Mediation not working? It might be best to ask for a bit of time working from home so you can get back to focusing on your weekly tasks. 

Being at home can allow you to relax, unwind and get back on your feet away from office politics. 

Obvs this isn’t a long term solution (unless you’d prefer to be at home) but it might just help calm the anger inside.

9. Make sure you’re not the issue

woman self reflecting on herself to see if shes the annoying colleague

This might be hard to comprehend, but have you ever thought about whether you’re the issue? Do people in the office have the same feelings about this person as you do, or are there differences? We’re not telling you to send out a survey asking for everyone’s opinions, however think back to times when you’ve spoken to others and see if there’s any correlation.

If you think you might be the issue, try to solve these issues yourself to create a better working environment. This could be through moving your dirty dishes, cleaning up after yourself, stop using foul language or even making sure you build a rapport with others around you. 

10. Always keep it professional 

keep it professional

One of the main points to take away from all of this is to keep it professional. You’re not in a social environment like at home, or arguing with your sibling, you’re in work where you’re paid to be there to do a job. This isn’t to say you don’t have a right to feel how you are at the minute; your feelings are valid, it just means to be respectful of the companies reputation and employees around you. 

Act friendly, keep a smile on your face and make sure to go through all our tips we’ve listed here. You’re welcome!

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